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The 125 Executive Jet

de Havilland DH125, Hawker Siddeley HS125, British Aerospace BAe 125, Hawker 125 and Hawker 800/850

List of all C- (Canada) 125 registrations

RegistrationConstruction No.Reg DateDate CancelledSeriesNotes
C-25286 Current731
CF-AAG25137 3A/RA
C-FAAU258099 01.1988 05.1993800A
C-FALC25087 731
CF-ALC25087 731
C-FANL25042 03.1995731Broken up 2007
CF-ANL25042 731Broken up 2007
C-FAOS25278 09.1986731Used as a fire trainer at Miami 2016
C-FBBF258530 05.2008 02.2010800XP
C-FBMG257066 02.2003700AN900CP was officially canx as exported to Mexico in May 2013 but noted WFU at Queretaro still wearing its N number.
CF-BNK25221 731
C-FBUR258232 10.2003Current800A
C-FCFCHB-0014 05.2019Current750
C-FCFL25213 400A
CF-CFL25213 400A
CF-CFL25193 400A
C-FCHT257176 03.2002 09.2004700A
C-FCRF258173 07.2007 02.2008800SP
C-FCRH258173 03.2005 07.2007800SP
C-FCSS257143 03.2017700A
C-FDDD258038 04.1998 07.2017800SP
C-FDDI258038 07.2017 12.2017800SP
C-FDKJ258169 12.2009 05.2014800A
C-FDKL258337 2011 10.2015800XPLast 125 to be built at Chester
C-FDOM25018 731
CF-DOM25018 731
CF-DSC25086 1A/522
C-FEAE257180 2007 05.2012700A
C-FEPC258349 10.2001 07.2015800XP2
C-FEXB257152 09.1986 11.1993700A
C-FFAB257030 1994 06.1995700A
C-FFTM258161 12.1989 03.1998800A
C-FGLF258141 19.06.1996 04.1997800A
C-FHLL25034 1A
CF-HLL25034 1A
C-FHRD258460 03.2002 03.2005800XP
C-FHSS256003 08.1993600AWFU at Fort Lauderdale
C-FIGO258087 08.2001 09.2013800A
C-FIPE258319 10.1997 800XP
C-FIPG257132 04.1981 1997700A
CF-IPG25053 1A/522
C-FIPJ25053 10.19831A/522
CF-IPJ25053 1A/522
C-FIQF258181 04.2011 10.2019800SP
C-FJHS258283 04.2005Current800XP
C-FKCI25137 3A/RA
CF-KCI25137 3A/RA
C-FKGN258052 01.2007 12.2015800SP
C-FMDB25075 731noted WFU at Hermosillo
CF-MDB25075 731noted WFU at Hermosillo
C-FMIO258392 02.2018Current800XP
C-FMIX258392 02.2018800XP
C-FMKF25170 11.19933A/RA
C-FMRI258688 04.07.2008 03.2013850XP
C-FNAZ257030 700A
C-FNER25176 731
C-FOPC25016 1ABroken up at Fort Lauderdale Exec. 2014
CF-OPC25016 1ABroken up at Fort Lauderdale Exec. 2014
C-FPCE258500 11.2001 10.2010800XP
C-FPCP258095 08.1990 01.2001800Abroken up for spares
C-FPCP258500 01.2001 11.2001800XP
C-FPPN25280 731Parted out in 2013. Last flight Bridgeport, CT to Conrow, TX 19/12/12
C-FPQG25036 1AParted out in 1995
CF-PQG25036 1AParted out in 1995
C-FQNS25152 3A/RA
CF-QNS25152 3A/RA
C-FRPP258121 07.1996 800A
CF-RWA25016 1ABroken up at Fort Lauderdale Exec. 2014
C-FSCI258105 800A
C-FSCI258105 04.1996 06.2002800A
C-FSCY258105 06.2002 800A
CF-SDA25022 1A/522Written off in accident at Bedford, IN 2 Aug 1986
C-FSDH25192 02.1992 1997731noted at Houston/Hooks, TX 4/10/16 seemingly WFU
CF-SDH25192 731noted at Houston/Hooks, TX 4/10/16 seemingly WFU
C-FSEN25027 1A
CF-SEN25027 1A
CF-SHZ25095 1A/522W/O 16/3/91 near San Diego.
C-FSIM25039 09.19881ABroken up in 2003
CF-SIM25039 1ABroken up in 2003
C-FTAM25108 05.1986 10.1993731
C-FTLA258015 800AWFU in March 2017
C-FTVC258243 Current800B
C-FWCE257206 700A
C-FWCE258163 10.1995 05.2002800A
C-FWOS25159 731
CF-WOS25159 731
C-FXGO258166 01.2014 11.2018800SP
C-FXGU258166 11.2018 01.2019800SP
C-FYEC25232 731
C-FYTZ258349 07.2015 08.2018800XP2
C-GAAA257179 10.1997 03.2011700A
C-GABX257047 03.1986 05.2001700A
C-GAGQ258181 10.2006 02.2007800SP
C-GAGU258181 10.2006800SP
C-GAWH258087 12.1987 08.2001800A
C-GBAP258444 11.2015800XP
C-GBIS258117 06.2007 01.2014800A
C-GBNS256051 600A
C-GBRM257093 700A
C-GCCU258105 07.2014800A
C-GCEO25285 731
C-GCGS258123 12.1996 08.2019800A
C-GCGT258828 03.2007Current850XP
C-GCIB258048 09.1986 03.2003800A
C-GCRP258124 12.1997 04.1998800A
C-GDAO257099 06.1988700A
C-GDBC258193 01.2019800A
C-GDHW256028 600Ahit power lines 1.5 mmiles from runway 04 Houston-Hobby 18.1.88. Co-pilot Killed and aircraft broke up and W/O
C-GDII258316 09.2001 05.2010800XP
C-GDUP256020 06.1988 03.1994600A
C-GEPF257149 12.02.1999 06.2000700A
C-GFCD25234 10.1984731Lansing Comminity College, MI as an instructional airframe
C-GFCL25107 1A/522
C-GFHJ258052 12.2015 800SP
C-GFLZ258166 06.2011 01.2014800SP
C-GGCH258495 18.12.2000 01.2004800XP
C-GGMPHA-0011 2007 01.2013900XP
C-GGYT258025 07.2000 01.2002800B
C-GHXY258095 01.2001 01.2001800Abroken up for spares
C-GIBU258507 02.2001 08.2014800XP
C-GJBJ257198 09.1986 07.2013700A
C-GJCM256040 600A
C-GJKI258605 03.2003 800XP
C-GJKK258605 Current800XP
C-GKCC256044 600AWFU
C-GKCI257066 700AN900CP was officially canx as exported to Mexico in May 2013 but noted WFU at Queretaro still wearing its N number.
C-GKCO25170 3A/RA
C-GKGD258193 07.2003 800A
C-GKHR256021 03.1999 600B
C-GKLB258105 12.04.1988 800A
C-GKPM257049 03.2007700A
C-GKPP258166 06.2002 06.2011800SP
C-GKPP258572 06.2011Current800XP
C-GKRL25111 3AW/O after heavy landing at Waukegan,IL 30/5/1994
C-GKRL258007 1988800AParted out at Roanoke, TX
C-GKRS257087 700A
C-GLBD256032 04.1986600A
C-GLBJ257162 08.2015700A
C-GLEO25080 1A/522Parted out at Stansted, UK 1990
C-GLFI25028 1B
C-GLIG257149 06.2000Current700A
C-GMBA257206 09.1994 01.2000700A
C-GMEA25137 1988 08.19993A/RA
C-GMFB258239 01.2014 11.2017800A
C-GMGB258814 04.2011 12.2014850XP
C-GMLR258025 04.1994 07.2000800B
C-GMLR258239 07.2000 01.2014800A
C-GMOL258163 1989 09.1995800A
C-GMTC25104 1A/522
C-GMTR258157 03.2017800A
C-GNAZ257030 08.2000700A
C-GNND257118 03.2000 08.2001700A
C-GNOW257049 03.2007 04.2007700A
C-GOGM257143 07.1995 01.2005700A
C-GOHJ257049 04.2007Current700A
C-GPCC257057 700AWFU 2014
C-GPNFHA-0013 07.2017Current900XP
C-GPPS257027 1988700A
C-GQGM257143 01.2005 700A
C-GRGE258124 04.1998 11.1999800A
C-GROG258852 2007 08.2018850XP
C-GSCL257030 1994700A
C-GSCL258243 11.07.2000 800B
C-GSKV25141 03.1996 03.19993A/RABeing parted out
C-GSQC257179 03.2011 700A
C-GSTT256021 600B
C-GTAU258173 02.2008 07.2014800SP
C-GTDN257148 700ABurnt out remains found on a makeshift landing strip in Peten, Guatemala at the end of a drug running flight.
C-GTLG257174 07.1999700A
C-GTNT258038 02.1998 04.1998800SP
C-GTOR257029 03.1998 11.2019700A
C-GTPC256025 600AParted in Motgomery, AL in 2013
C-GTTS25108 1994 06.2004731
C-GTUF258796 03.02.2015 06.2019850XP
C-GVMPHA-0015 2007Current900XP
C-GVQR25232 731
C-GWEM258015 03.2005 800AWFU in March 2017
C-GWFM258015 03.2005800AWFU in March 2017
C-GWLE258007 08.2003 09.2012800AParted out at Roanoke, TX
C-GWLL258007 08.2003800AParted out at Roanoke, TX
C-GXPG258444 11.2015Current800XP
C-GXPT25018 731
C-GXYN257114 700A
C-GYPH257155 04.1998700AWFU in 2017
C-GYPH258007 1988 800AParted out at Roanoke, TX
C-GYYZ257008 11.1990700A
C-GZZX257161 700A