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The 125 Executive Jet

de Havilland DH125, Hawker Siddeley HS125, British Aerospace BAe 125, Hawker 125 and Hawker 800/850

List of all D- (Germany) 125 registrations

RegistrationConstruction No.Reg DateDate CancelledSeriesNotes
D-BJET259016 1000A
D-CADA259008 1000A
D-CADA257007 29.04.1985 700B
D-CAFI25037 1ABroken up in 1993
D-CAMB25157 3B/RA
D-CAVW258233 05.1993 06.1995800B
D-CBAE257031 700A
D-CBMV258345 800XP
D-CBMW258155 07.1998800SP
D-CBMW258345 2007800XP
D-CBVW258235 800B
D-CBVW25231 731
D-CBWW259028 03.20051000A
D-CCVW258237 800A
D-CEVW258067 1993800B
D-CFAN258094 12.1987 800B
D-CFCF25248 03.1971 F403B
D-CFICHB-0074 Current750
D-CFRC258036 04.1993 800ACrashed into hill on approach to a private strip near Tampico, Mexico 27 October 1993, killing all 3 people on board.
D-CFSK256053 05.1975 1995600B
D-CFVW258073 01.1987 800SP
D-CGVW258076 02.1987 1993800B
D-CHEF258038 02.1998800SP
D-CHEF258514 09.2009800XP
D-CHGNHA-0184 10.2015900XP
D-CHTH25143 3B/RAArrived Bournemouth (Hurn), UK 16/06/1993 for spares
D-CJET256027 600FB
D-CJET256027 1994600FB
D-CJET258358 12.2003 28.09.2007800XP
D-CKCF25105 1B/522
D-CKIM257094 1991 700B
D-CLBC258050 02.2005 24.06.2009800BWFU
D-CLBD258405 24.06.2009800XP
D-CLBG258682 12.2006 800XP
D-CLBH258812 12.2006 09.2014850XP
D-CLVW257100 700A
D-CMIR258110 05.1988 02.1995800B
D-CMVW257112 700B
D-COLD258575 10.2017Current800XP
D-COMA25005 1964 19651
D-COME25025 1B
D-COMI25058 1B
D-CPAS258130 03.1998 12.2003800B
D-CSRB258226 1993 07.1994800A
D-CSRI258212 08.1996800A
D-CTAN258450 2003800XP
D-CTXC258834 08.2019Current800XPi
D-CWBW258213 800B
D-CWIN258178 04.2004800A
D-CWOL258235 2003800B
D-CXNL258544 12.2014Current800XP