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The 125 Executive Jet

de Havilland DH125, Hawker Siddeley HS125, British Aerospace BAe 125, Hawker 125 and Hawker 800/850

List of all B-class G- (United Kingdom) 125 registrations

RegistrationMSMReg DateDate CancelledSeriesNotes
G-5-1125026 1Aparted out in 1986
G-5-1125028 1B
G-5-1125101 731/S
G-5-1125110 1A/522
G-5-1125119 1966 1966731
G-5-1125126 3B
G-5-1125131 06.1967 06.19673B
G-5-1125134 02.1967 02.19673A/RA
G-5-1125137 3A/RA
G-5-1125139 3A/RA
G-5-1125154 3B/RABroken up in Dec 1982 at Luton due to corrosion. Rear fuselage/fin used on c/n 25270.
G-5-1125197 400BBroken up at Fort Lauderdale 08/12
G-5-1125240 400BBroken up at Stansted, UK 09/09/2003
G-5-1125276 731
G-5-11256015 1983 1983600FA
G-5-11256021 600B
G-5-11256045 600FB
G-5-11256052 600BWFU at Southampton in 1999
G-5-11256070 600AWFU in Spain
G-5-11257008 700A
G-5-11257039 700ARan off runway and into trees at Roatan, Honduras 15.12.13.
G-5-11257051 700AParted Out 2001
G-5-11257065 700A
G-5-11257093 700A
G-5-11257105 700A
G-5-11257119 700A
G-5-11257131 700A
G-5-11257144 700A
G-5-11257150 700A
G-5-11257164 700A
G-5-11257177 700A
G-5-11257186 700A
G-5-11257196 700B
G-5-11258001 800BWas painted as N800BA for demo purposes
G-5-11258008 800A
G-5-11258032 800A
G-5-11258042 800A
G-5-11258047 800A
G-5-11258053 800AWFU
G-5-1225129 3A
G-5-1225141 3A/RABeing parted out
G-5-1225144 3B/RA
G-5-1225219 F400B
G-5-1225244 400A
G-5-1225279 400A
G-5-12256028 600Ahit power lines 1.5 mmiles from runway 04 Houston-Hobby 18.1.88. Co-pilot Killed and aircraft broke up and W/O
G-5-12256050 600B
G-5-12256060 600B
G-5-12257009 700A
G-5-12257025 700BWas parted out at Denton, TX
G-5-12257041 700A
G-5-12257073 700B
G-5-12257083 700ADestroyed after crashing into trees and caught fire near Nueva Cajola. Guatemala 2.9.19
G-5-12257095 700A
G-5-12257103 700BParted out in Canada 2014
G-5-12257142 700B
G-5-12257151 700A
G-5-12257163 700B
G-5-12257184 700B
G-5-12257185 700A
G-5-12257197 700B
G-5-12257199 700A
G-5-12257212 700A
G-5-12258018 1984 1984800A
G-5-12258019 800B
G-5-12258027 800A
G-5-12258028 800B
G-5-12258034 800AParted out in Bangor, ME
G-5-12258043 800SP
G-5-12258044 800A
G-5-1325113 3B/RA
G-5-1325128 3B
G-5-1325148 3A/RA
G-5-1325150 F3B
G-5-1325256 600B
G-5-1325270 731
G-5-13256041 600B
G-5-13256056 1976 1976600BParted out in 1995 at Houston
G-5-13256063 600B
G-5-13257011 700A
G-5-13257042 700A
G-5-13257056 700A
G-5-13257066 700AN900CP was officially canx as exported to Mexico in May 2013 but noted WFU at Queretaro still wearing its N number.
G-5-13257075 700A
G-5-13257106 700A
G-5-13257120 700A
G-5-13257134 700AIn Frightland Amusement Park, St Georges, DE posed to look like a crashed aircraft.
G-5-13257146 700A
G-5-1425130 3B
G-5-1425135 3BCrashed on take-off and caught fire at Turnhouse 20.7.70
G-5-1425217 403BParted out at Fort Lauderdale Executive
G-5-1425219 F400B
G-5-1425243 F400AAircraft parted out at White Industries, Bates City, MO
G-5-1425271 400B
G-5-14256031 600B
G-5-14256061 600FA
G-5-14256071 600AParted out in 2004 in Mexico
G-5-14257012 700AUsed as a trainer by the Fire Service at Moscow / Domodedovo
G-5-14257032 700A
G-5-14257034 700A
G-5-14257057 700AWFU 2014
G-5-14257068 700A
G-5-14257077 700AWFU in 2014
G-5-14257084 700A
G-5-14257096 700A
G-5-14257108 700A
G-5-14257121 700A
G-5-14257133 700B
G-5-14257147 700A
G-5-14257158 700A
G-5-14257165 700A
G-5-14257170 700A
G-5-14257178 700A
G-5-14257187 700BDestroyed during Allied air raid on Muthenna in 1991
G-5-14257192 700A
G-5-14257200 700B
G-5-14257203 700B
G-5-14258013 800B
G-5-14258020 800SP
G-5-14258025 800B
G-5-14258030 800A
G-5-1525160 3A/RA
G-5-1525223 403B
G-5-1525272 F400BWFU in 2017
G-5-15256048 600A
G-5-15256062 600B
G-5-15256066 600FA
G-5-15257004 700ACancelled as 'destroyed' (assume parted out)
G-5-15257004 700ACancelled as 'destroyed' (assume parted out)
G-5-15257058 700A
G-5-15257069 700A
G-5-15257078 700A
G-5-15257085 700B
G-5-15257098 700A
G-5-15257110 700A
G-5-15257122 700A
G-5-15257135 700A
G-5-15257159 1981 1981700A
G-5-15257167 700ACofR expired
G-5-15257171 700A
G-5-15257179 700A
G-5-15257188 700A
G-5-15257193 700A
G-5-15257204 700ABurnt out wreckage was discovered on a clandstine airstrip near San Andres, Guatemala. Authorities assume its been used for drug smuggling.
G-5-15258004 800Awfu at Monterrey/del Norte
G-5-15258005 1984 1984800A
G-5-15258009 800ABurnt out wreckage discovered wearing fake marks N5461 near the village of Chan Chen, Belize after being used to smuggle drugs or weapons (or both)
G-5-15258014 800A
G-5-15258021 800B
G-5-15258023 1984 1984800A
G-5-15258031 800B
G-5-15258037 800B
G-5-15258040 800B
G-5-15258054 800A
G-5-1625138 3B
G-5-1625163 731CofR expired 2014
G-5-1625249 731
G-5-1625289 403B
G-5-16256026 600FA
G-5-16256047 600AIn 1978 registration C-GBNS was painted on the aircraft but it was never officially registered as such.
G-5-16256065 600A
G-5-16256068 600FAWent missing on an internal flight in Dominican Republic 11/9/14 and was subsequently believed as having flown illegally to either Hondures or Venezuela. The two pilots, both Venezuela nationals, are believed to have been drug runners.
G-5-16257035 700A
G-5-16257048 700A
G-5-16257055 700B
G-5-16257062 700AW/O in accident 5 Sep 2015
G-5-16257079 700A
G-5-16257087 700A
G-5-16257094 1984 1984700B
G-5-16257099 700A
G-5-16257111 700A
G-5-16257123 700A
G-5-16257137 700AParted out by Dobson International at Rantoul, KS
G-5-16257180 700A
G-5-16257181 CC.3Preserved at Bournemouth Aviation Museum.
G-5-16257206 700A
G-5-16257213 700B
G-5-16258002 800BNoted being parted out at Wilmington, DE during June 2015
G-5-16258017 800A
G-5-16258022 01.1985 01.1985800B
G-5-16258029 800A
G-5-16258045 800SPParted out at Wilmington, DE in 2015
G-5-16258048 800A
G-5-1725140 3B/RABeing parted out at Rantoul, KS still wearing C6-MED. Last seen 30 April 2013
G-5-1725169 3A/RABroken up in 2003
G-5-1725252 400B
G-5-17256012 600BBroken up in 1995 at Houston
G-5-17256054 600BCrashed due to fuel starvation on approach to Lagos in May 2001
G-5-17256057 600B
G-5-17256064 600AWFU at Monterrey/del Norte 2015
G-5-17257014 700AWFU at Janesville, WI
G-5-17257022 700A
G-5-17257036 700A
G-5-17257044 700A
G-5-17257049 700A
G-5-17257059 700A
G-5-17257071 700A
G-5-17257076 1979 1979700A
G-5-17257086 700A
G-5-17257101 700AInstructional airframe in Singapore
G-5-17257113 700A
G-5-17257125 700A
G-5-17257138 700BCrashed into the Caribbean Sea in May 2015 whilst being pursued by the Columbian Air Force.
G-5-17257148 700ABurnt out remains found on a makeshift landing strip in Peten, Guatemala at the end of a drug running flight.
G-5-17257152 700A
G-5-17257156 700A
G-5-17257161 700A
G-5-17257173 700A
G-5-17257182 700A
G-5-17257191 700ADestroyed 19 Apr 2014 after crashing on approach to Saltillo
G-5-17257202 700A
G-5-17257214 700B
G-5-17258006 800A
G-5-17258015 800AWFU in March 2017
G-5-1825143 3B/RAArrived Bournemouth (Hurn), UK 16/06/1993 for spares
G-5-1825183 731Written off
G-5-1825235 731
G-5-1825253 F400BAircraft parted out in 2016
G-5-18256017 600BAircraft parted out in 2007
G-5-18256045 600FB
G-5-18256058 600ACofA exp
G-5-18257006 700A
G-5-18257015 700A
G-5-18257037 700B
G-5-18257050 700A
G-5-18257060 700Ain use as an instructional airframe
G-5-18257072 700AWritten off in accident on 10 Nov 2015 after hitting overhead power cables.
G-5-18257080 700A
G-5-18257089 700A
G-5-18257102 700A
G-5-18257114 700A
G-5-18257126 700A
G-5-18257139 700B
G-5-18257145 700Aaircraft WFU
G-5-18257154 700AWFU
G-5-18257162 700A
G-5-18257166 700B
G-5-18257174 700A
G-5-18257195 1984 1984700AParted Out, Farnborough, UK 2015 then remaines moved to Kemble, UK 2015
G-5-18257198 700A
G-5-18257207 700A
G-5-18257210 700B
G-5-18258012 800SP
G-5-18258016 1984 1984800SP
G-5-18258024 800A
G-5-18258026 800SP
G-5-18258036 800ACrashed into hill on approach to a private strip near Tampico, Mexico 27 October 1993, killing all 3 people on board.
G-5-18258041 800A
G-5-18258051 800A
G-5-1925153 731
G-5-1925159 731
G-5-1925171 F3B/RA
G-5-1925235 731
G-5-1925239 731Parted out at Miami / New Tamiami.
G-5-1925257 403B
G-5-19256015 600FA
G-5-19256055 600A
G-5-19256059 600BParted out in 2002
G-5-19257003 700A
G-5-19257017 700A
G-5-19257038 700AWithdrawn from use.
G-5-19257052 700A
G-5-19257061 700A
G-5-19257074 700A
G-5-19257081 700AWFU at Houseon Intercontinental, TX
G-5-19257090 700Aparted out at St Augustine, FL
G-5-19257100 700A
G-5-19257116 700A
G-5-19257128 700AWFU at Pontiac, MI
G-5-19257140 700AWFU at Denton, Texas
G-5-19257149 700A
G-5-19257155 700AWFU in 2017
G-5-19257160 700B
G-5-19257201 700A
G-5-19257205 CC.3
G-5-19257208 01.1985 01.1985700B
G-5-19258010 800AParted out
G-5-19258033 800A
G-5-19258039 800AAircraft parted out
G-5-19258049 800A
G-5-2025145 3B
G-5-2025189 400B
G-5-2025214 731WFU
G-5-2025241 400A
G-5-2025242 403B
G-5-2025273 400AWFU at Monterrey/del Norte
G-5-2025274 403B
G-5-20256068 600FAWent missing on an internal flight in Dominican Republic 11/9/14 and was subsequently believed as having flown illegally to either Hondures or Venezuela. The two pilots, both Venezuela nationals, are believed to have been drug runners.
G-5-20257002 700AWFU
G-5-20257053 700A
G-5-20257063 700A
G-5-20257092 700A
G-5-20257104 700A
G-5-20257117 700AOn diplay at Janesville, WI on a pylon.
G-5-20257129 700A
G-5-20257141 700A
G-5-20257143 700A
G-5-20257157 700A
G-5-20257168 700A
G-5-20257176 700A
G-5-20257183 CC.3
G-5-20257183 CC.3
G-5-20257209 700A
G-5-20257215 1984 1984700B
G-5-20258003 800SP
G-5-20258007 800AParted out at Roanoke, TX
G-5-20258011 800A
G-5-20258038 800SP
G-5-20258046 800A
G-5-20258052 800SP
G-5-21257169 700B
G-5-501258037 800B
G-5-502257115 700A
G-5-502257115 1985 700A
G-5-503258050 800BWFU
G-5-503258050 800BWFU
G-5-503258050 800BWFU
G-5-504258055 800AWFU at Oklahoma City / Wiley Post in 2018
G-5-505256042 600B
G-5-506258059 800SPParted out in 2019
G-5-508258057 800A
G-5-509258056 800B
G-5-510258058 1986 1986800B
G-5-511258060 800AWFU
G-5-514258064 800B
G-5-515258061 1986 1986800AParted out at Wilmington, DE
G-5-516258062 800AWFU in 2014 and noted being parted out in Wilmington, DE in June 2015
G-5-518258063 800A
G-5-519257064 700AParted out
G-5-520258065 1986 1986800AParted out 2012
G-5-521258066 800A
G-5-522258001 1986 1986800BWas painted as N800BA for demo purposes
G-5-524257076 1986 1986700A
G-5-525258067 800B
G-5-526258069 1986 1986800SPFirst 125 with Aviation Partners blended wing-lets.
G-5-526258152 800B
G-5-527258070 800A
G-5-528258071 800A
G-5-529258072 1986 1986800SPWritten off in landing accident 4 Dec 2015, Palm Springs, CA
G-5-530257178 700A
G-5-531257088 700B
G-5-532258073 800SP
G-5-532258073 07.1994 07.1994800SP
G-5-533258075 800A
G-5-534257028 700BUsed as an instructional airframe in the Tulsa Technology Centre before being scrapped.
G-5-535258076 800B
G-5-538258077 800A
G-5-539258068 800B
G-5-540258080 800A
G-5-541258074 800A
G-5-542258079 800B
G-5-543258081 800A
G-5-545257136 700BParted out at Kemble, UK in 2011
G-5-546258083 800A
G-5-547258084 800A
G-5-548258082 800B
G-5-549257100 700A
G-5-550258086 800A
G-5-551258085 800AConverted from an 800B to a 800A around July 2004
G-5-552258087 800A
G-5-554258007 800AParted out at Roanoke, TX
G-5-555258089 800A
G-5-556258090 800SPConverted from 800A to 800SP around November 2004
G-5-557258001 800BWas painted as N800BA for demo purposes
G-5-558258092 800A
G-5-559258093 1987 1987800A
G-5-560258091 1987 1987800AConverted from 800B to 800A around April 2004
G-5-561258095 800Abroken up for spares
G-5-562258096 800SP
G-5-563258088 800SP
G-5-563258088 1988 1988800SP
G-5-564258098 800A
G-5-565258099 800A
G-5-566258100 800A
G-5-567258097 800B
G-5-568257172 1988 1988700B
G-5-570257178 700A
G-5-571257076 1988 1988700A
G-5-572258101 800A
G-5-573258102 800A
G-5-574258103 800A
G-5-575258104 800A
G-5-576258094 800B
G-5-577258105 1987 1987800A
G-5-578258107 800A
G-5-579258108 800A
G-5-580258106 1988 1988800B
G-5-581258109 1988 800B
G-5-582258111 800SP
G-5-583258112 1988800A
G-5-584258110 800B
G-5-585256027 600FB
G-5-586258114 1988 1988800SP
G-5-587258113 1988 1988800A
G-5-588257130 04.1988 04.1988700ACofR exp. WFU
G-5-589258117 800A
G-5-591258119 800SP
G-5-592258116 800B
G-5-593258121 1998 1998800A
G-5-594258122 800AParted out in 2014
G-5-595258034 800AParted out in Bangor, ME
G-5-595258034 800AParted out in Bangor, ME
G-5-596258124 800A
G-5-597258126 800SP
G-5-598257055 07.1988 07.1988700B
G-5-599258115 800B
G-5-599258115 800B
G-5-599258115 1988 1988800B
G-5-600258123 800A
G-5-601258125 1988 1988800A
G-5-602258127 1988 1988800A
G-5-603258128 1988 1988800SP
G-5-604257070 1989 1989700BParted out at Farnborogh in May 2011 / Cockpit section to Bombay Night Indian Takeaway, Bristol
G-5-604257070 01.1995 01.1995700BParted out at Farnborogh in May 2011 / Cockpit section to Bombay Night Indian Takeaway, Bristol
G-5-605258118 800B
G-5-606258120 800SP
G-5-607258132 1988 1988800A
G-5-608258135 800A
G-5-609258136 800AParted out in 2013
G-5-610258137 800A
G-5-611258131 800A
G-5-612258139 800A
G-5-613258140 800A
G-5-614258138 800A
G-5-615258133 800B
G-5-615258141 1988 1988800A
G-5-617258142 800A
G-5-618258144 800A
G-5-619258145 800SP
G-5-620258130 800B
G-5-621258147 800A
G-5-622258129 800A
G-5-62325127 F3B
G-5-62425254 F400B
G-5-62425254 F400B
G-5-625258150 800A
G-5-627258153 800B
G-5-628258155 800SP
G-5-629258146 800B
G-5-630258148 800B
G-5-631257010 700B
G-5-632258157 800A
G-5-633258160 800A
G-5-634258134 800A
G-5-635258149 800SP
G-5-636258161 800A
G-5-638258162 800A
G-5-639258163 800A
G-5-640258074 800A
G-5-641258166 800SP
G-5-642258133 800B
G-5-643258168 800A
G-5-644258169 800A
G-5-645258170 800A
G-5-646258171 800A
G-5-647258172 800SP
G-5-648258082 1991 1991800B
G-5-648258173 800SP
G-5-649258174 800A
G-5-650258175 800A
G-5-65125217 1990 1990403BParted out at Fort Lauderdale Executive
G-5-652258176 800B
G-5-653258068 800B
G-5-654258112 800A
G-5-654258164 800B
G-5-654258164 800B
G-5-655258154 C29A
G-5-656258143 800B
G-5-657258165 800A
G-5-658258178 800A
G-5-660258179 800A
G-5-662258167 800A
G-5-662258167 08.07.1991 08.07.1991800A
G-5-663258181 800SP
G-5-666258183 800A
G-5-667258158 C-29A
G-5-668258177 800A
G-5-669258022 800B
G-5-669258185 800A
G-5-670258187 800SP
G-5-671258188 800A
G-5-67225247 403B
G-5-673258189 800A
G-5-674258191 800A
G-5-675258180 800B
G-5-676258182 800B
G-5-676258182 10.1995 10.1995800B
G-5-677258193 800A
G-5-678258184 800B
G-5-679258195 800A
G-5-680258196 800A
G-5-681258156 C29A
G-5-681258199 800SP
G-5-682258200 800A
G-5-683258186 09.1991 09.1991800A
G-5-683258186 1993 1994800A
G-5-684258190 800B
G-5-685258201 800B
G-5-685258202 800A
G-5-686258203 800XP
G-5-687258204 800A
G-5-688258206 800A
G-5-689258205 800A
G-5-690258207 800A
G-5-691258192 1991 1991800A
G-5-692258194 800B
G-5-693257196 1991 700B
G-5-694258198 800B
G-5-695258209 800A
G-5-696258197 800A
G-5-697258040 1991 1991800B
G-5-698256052 600BWFU at Southampton in 1999
G-5-698256052 1991 1991600BWFU at Southampton in 1999
G-5-698256052 04.1991 04.1991600BWFU at Southampton in 1999
G-5-700258208 800SP
G-5-701257031 700A
G-5-701257031 700A
G-5-703258146 04.07.1991 04.07.1991800B
G-5-704258019 1991 1991800B
G-5-705258210 800B
G-5-706258214 800B
G-5-70725248 1991 1991F403B
G-5-708257062 09.1991 09.1991700AW/O in accident 5 Sep 2015
G-5-708257062 01.1995 01.1995700AW/O in accident 5 Sep 2015
G-5-709258213 800B
G-5-710258212 800A
G-5-713258078 800B
G-5-713258078 11.1991 1991800B
G-5-714258216 800A
G-5-715258217 800SP
G-5-719259017 1000B
G-5-721257007 700B
G-5-721257007 700B
G-5-724258211 800B
G-5-725258218 800SP
G-5-726259012 1992 19921000A
G-5-727258215 U-215
G-5-728258220 800A
G-5-731258221 800A
G-5-732259016 1000A
G-5-732259016 1993 19931000A
G-5-734259022 1000B
G-5-738258068 800B
G-5-740258219 800A
G-5-742258025 800B
G-5-743259026 1000B
G-5-743259026 06.1995 06.19951000B
G-5-745258222 800B
G-5-746259027 1992 19921000A
G-5-746259027 01.08.1996 02.08.19961000A
G-5-747257178 700A
G-5-749259028 1992 19921000A
G-5-750258231 1992 1992800A
G-5-750258234 1992 1992800B
G-5-753259030 1992 19921000AWFU in 2015
G-5-754258226 1993 1993800A
G-5-754259031 1992 02.19931000A
G-5-755258226 1992 1992800A
G-5-755258226 07.1994 07.1994800A
G-5-758258228 1992 1992800XP
G-5-759259025 1992 19931000A
G-5-760259032 1992 19921000B
G-5-761259034 1993 19931000A
G-5-762259036 1993 19931000A
G-5-763258224 1993 1993800SP
G-5-764258236 1993 1993800A
G-5-765257172 1993 1993700B
G-5-766257196 1993 1993700B
G-5-767258238 1993 1993800SP
G-5-769258227 1993 1993U-125
G-5-770258233 800B
G-5-771259037 1993 19931000B
G-5-772258240 1993 1993800B
G-5-773259035 1993 19931000A
G-5-774258235 800B
G-5-775258237 800A
G-5-776259038 1993 19931000A
G-5-777258241 1993 1993800SP
G-5-778258243 800B
G-5-779259004 1993 19931000B
G-5-780258244 800SP
G-5-781259039 1993 19931000A
G-5-782258246 1993 1993800B
G-5-782259041 1000A
G-5-783259040 1993 19931000A
G-5-784258248 800A
G-5-786258249 1993 1993800A
G-5-787258251 1993 1993800A
G-5-788258252 1993 1993800A
G-5-789259042 1993 19931000A
G-5-790258253 1993 1993800A
G-5-791258254 800A
G-5-792258255 1993 1993800SP
G-5-793258242 03.1994 03.1994U-125Crashed into mountainous terrain near Kanoya Air Base, Japan. All 6 persons on board were killed.
G-5-794259043 1994 19941000
G-5-795258256 1994 1994800
G-5-797259044 1994 19941000
G-5-798258258 800B
G-5-799258259 1994 1994800A
G-5-804258263 07.1994 07.1994800
G-5-805259046 1000
G-5-806258264 07.1994 07.1994800
G-5-807258067 07.1994 07.1994800B
G-5-808257107 07.1994 07.1994700A
G-5-809258265 1994 1994800
G-5-811258266 1994 1994800XP
G-5-812258267 10.1994 10.1994800A
G-5-814258269 800
G-5-816258270 10.1994 10.1994800SP
G-5-817259047 10.1994 10.19941000
G-5-819258272 800
G-5-820258273 1994 1994800
G-5-82125281 01.1995 01.1995731
G-5-822258274 1995 1995800
G-5-823258275 1995 1995800
G-5-824258276 1995 1995800SP
G-5-826259048 07.1995 07.19951000
G-5-827258282 1995 1995800XP
G-5-828258283 1995 1995800XP
G-5-829258268 1995 1995U-125A
G-5-830258284 1995 1995800XP
G-5-831258285 1995 1995800XP2
G-5-832258286 1995 1995800XP
G-5-833258287 800XP2
G-5-841258295 800XP
G-5-858258323 800XP
G-5-861258327 800XP2
G-5-862258329 800XP2
G-5-864258305 U-125A
G-5-865258332 800XP2
G-5-866258328 800XP
G-5-867258335 800XP
G-5-868258337 800XPLast 125 to be built at Chester
G-5-869258330 800XP
G-5-870257194 04.1997 04.1997CC.3
G-5-875257139 2001 700B
G-88-01258078 2002 2002800B
G-88-03257184 2002 2002700B