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The 125 Executive Jet

de Havilland DH125, Hawker Siddeley HS125, British Aerospace BAe 125, Hawker 125 and Hawker 800/850

04/2018N926MC257021BAe 125-700A
Was found abandoned wearing false marks N818LD on a road in Belize. Been moved to the Belize Defence Force base at Ladyville, reportedly flown there.
10/03/2019N299GS256046BAe 125-600A
W/O forced landing in jungle near San Pedro Peralta,Mexico.1 of 2 pilots killed. False reg N18BA carried
03/04/2019XB-PMW BAe 125-700A
Found in a sugar plantation Rama Blanca, Guatemala,burnt out. No reg carried.
07/08/2019 BAe 125
Found burnt out by Police at illegal strip Las Pilas, Guatemala.
02/09/2019XB-PTW BAe 125-700A
Crashed nr Champerico,Guatemala on illegal flight killing crew of 2
11/09/2019XB-SMV BAe 125-700A
Found on fire in a soy bean field Chencoh,Mexico
20/10/2019  BAe 125-700A
Found abandoned at illegal strip Blue Creek, Belize.
11/11/2019N237DX257148BAe 125-700A
Found burnt out on illegal strip Peten,Guatemala
01/12/2019N949CL BAe 125-700A
Landed and DBR at San Andreas Villa Seeca,Guatemala.No one found at site
02/12/2019"XB-PGP" BAe 125-700A
Crashed on landing illegal strip near Retalhuleu, Guatemala. Not the real XB-PGP(257175)
06/12/2019N293WB BAe 125-800A
Found burnt out at a strip nr Chan Chen,Belize.Fake reg N5461 carried.
20/12/2020 : BAe 125-800
At makeshift strip La Noeva Trinidad in Mexico's Campeche state.
08/02/2020N305AG258013BAe 125-800B
Found at an illegal strip Peten, Guatemala with drugs onboard.N818LD on engines but scheme matches N305AG sold to Mexico just before. Flown out of airstrip by Guatemalan Air Force pilot to an airbase in the country. Was place in service with the Fuerza Aerea Guatemalteca with serial 2020.
22/03/2020XB-OUF BAe 125-400A
Found by Police with engines running nr Caballo Blanco,Guatemala.False reg XB-PNK carried
19/04/2020N700NW BAe 125-700A
Crashed in woods near Las Cruces,Guatemala, 2 killed. 762kg of cocaine found onboard
20/04/2020  BAe 125
burnt out Laguna de Tigre National Park,Guatamala
07/05/2020XA-ERM257164BAe 125
Destroyed on ground by Venezuelan forces at illegal strip in Zulia state. False reg XB-RBF carried
28/05/2020N720PT BAe 125-700A
Damaged while landing at illegal strip in Belize
05/07/2020XB-RCM BAe 125-700A
Landed on highway nr Jose Maria Morelos,caught fire and destroyed
07/07/2020N339AV BAe125-800XP
Destroyed by Venezuelan armed forces undisclosed location
08/08/2020  BAe125
Set on fire after landing at illegal strip near Ixcan,Guatemala
09/08/2020XB-RAY  BAe125-800A
Intercepted by Venezuela Armed Forces near Maracaibo Airport forced to land and destroyed by Police
25/09/2020  BAe 125
Found burnt out Catatumbo, Venezuela.
05/10/2020  BAe 125
Found burnt out by Police illegal airstrip at Sergio Butran Casas, state of Quintana Roo.
11/11/2020  BAe 125
Found by Guatemalan Police illegal strip close to Mexico border, burnt out
19/12/2020N326TD BAe 125-700A
Found crashed and abandoned in a National Park,Guatemala. 3 occupants inside, 1 later died.
14/05/2021unknown BAe 125-800
All white aircraft with what appears to be a scrubbed out US registration landed on a dirt stripin Blue Creek, northern Belize. Police beleive it carried narcotics which were unloaded and transported across the nearby Mexican border. The aircraft was abandoned but appears to be undamaged.
19/05/2021unknown BAe 125-800
Reported as an 800. This aircraft, with what appears to be scrubbed out Mexican registration, was found burnt-out near Sayaxche, Guatemala. Tow burning vehicles and a boat laden with packages of cocaine were found nearby.
18/07/2021N611MC BAe 125-700A
Found burnt-out by Venezuelan military forces on a makeshift strip at Jesus Maria Semprum in northwest Venezuela. It had arrived illegally from Mexico.
07/02/2023unknownunmarkedBAe 125-700A
Unmarked 125-700 found crashed-landed in the La Reformita district in Guatemala by law-enforcement agents. Presumed used for drug-smuggling.